Edexcel IAL A-Level Geography – Resources Mapping

Edexcel IAL A-level Geography mapping file. Download our comprehensive teaching resources and revision toolkit today. Use the mapping table to align with the Edexcel IAL examination board. Updated and aligned to the latest version 2020 specifications.

Edexcel IAL SpecificationResourceAdditional Content
Component 1Global Challenges
Topic 1: World at RiskNatural Hazards
Climate Change
Weather Hazards
Topic 2: Going GlobalGlobalisation
Nation States
Cultural Diversity
Component 2Geographical Investigations
Topic 1: Crowded CoastsCoastal Environments
Water Management
Topic 2: Urban Problems, Planning, and RegenerationUrbanisation
Component 3Contested Planet
Topic A1: Atmosphere and Weather SystemsWeather Systems
Weather Hazards
Topic A2: Biodiversity Under ThreatBiodiversity
Natural Resources
Topic B1: Energy SecurityEnergy Management
Topic B2: Water ConflictsWater Management
Climate Change
Topic C1: Superpower GeographiesSuperpowers
Component 4Researching Geography
Option 1: Tectonic Activity and HazardsTectonic Hazards
Introduction to Natural Hazards
Option 2: Feeding the World’s PeopleClimate Change
Food Management
Natural Resources
Option 3: Cultural DiversityCultural Diversity
Diverse Places
Option 4: Human Health and DiseaseHuman Health
Human Rights