Types of Volcanos

Volcanos are mountains which a comprises of pathways for the magma that flows beneath the tectonic plates. There are many volcanos all around the world, some are deemed dormant while others are active. The movement of earth’s plates create all sorts of volcanos. The oceanic crust and continental crust are responsible for earthquakes which can … Read more

Marine Processes

There are 3 types of Marine processes which occur all the time throughout the entire planet. These three marine processes are: Erosion Transportation Deposition What is Erosion? The breakdown of big materials into small pieces is called erosion. Most definitely, erosion is the breakdown of the landmasses and the land around you. The general impact … Read more


What is a Floodplain? Floodplains are the area beside a river or a stream which susceptible to floods.  A floodplain comprises of two sections. The first is simply the primary channel of the waterway, called the floodway. Floodways can in some cases be occasional, which means the channel is dry for part of the year. … Read more