Natural Resources

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This module contains:

  •  An editable PowerPoint lesson presentation
  • Editable revision handouts
  • A glossary that covers the key terminologies of the module
  • Topic mindmaps for visualising the key concepts
  • Printable flashcards to help students engage active recall
  • A quiz with an answer key to test knowledge and understanding of the module

Natural Resources

Natural resources are commodities that are valuable in their natural form. These are resources that are drawn from nature and used with few modifications. These include natural substances (e.g., soil, water) and energy supplies (e.g., coal, gas) that serve to satisfy human needs and wants. Natural resources can be classified based on different criteria, such as source of origin, stage of development, renewability, and ownership.

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Define what a natural resource is
  • Identify the different kinds of natural resources
  • Know the difference  between renewable and non-renewable resources
  • Describe the global distribution of natural resources
  • Understand the importance of natural resources
  • Understand the effects of the human consumption and exploitation of natural resources
  • Develop ideas related to the responsible consumption of natural resources

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