Glacial Systems and Processes

In previous modules, we learned that glaciers are a complex landform involving many systems and processes. In this module, we will elaborate further on these systems and processes so you can fully understand them. The following are the key points that you will be learning from this module: The different systems and processes involved in … Read more

Water Cycle

In this module, we will further discuss the water cycle process that happens on our planet and its significance in everyday living. It is important to be acquainted with these cycles in order to fully understand the processes that are involved in our environment. The following are the key points that you will learn in … Read more

Water and carbon as natural systems

This module will provide useful information that will help students understand why water and carbon natural systems are essential in our daily lives. After reading this module, students will have a deeper understanding of the following: The significance of water and carbon for sustaining life here on Earth. The different processes that involve bodies of … Read more

Volcanic Hazards

Knowing the effects that volcanic hazards has a major impact in how we react to this disaster. This module will give you an awareness of the hazards of volcanic activity. Here is an overview of the topics that we will tackle: What are volcanic hazards and when do they happen? The examples of volcanic hazards. … Read more

The Distribution of Cold Environments

We are aware that our world is composed of different climates, the most abundant of which is the cold climate. There are large amounts of snow-covered land that make up approximately 25% of the planet. In this module, you will learn how these cold environments are distributed throughout the world. Here are the following key … Read more

The concept of hazard in a geographical context

Geographical hazard is a very important topic that should be given great consideration because it involves the safety of our lives, our habitats, our possessions, and future generations. There are lots of natural hazards that occur in our environment, which can be divided into the following categories: Biological hazards Geographical hazards Hydrological hazards Meteorological hazards … Read more

Storm Hazards

Storms are one of the most common forms of natural disaster that affect our world. It is crucial to know the different hazards that storms can bring to our lives and property. In this module, we are going to look at storm hazards. Here is the overview of the topics that we will tackle: What … Read more

Seismic Hazards

It is essential to study earthquakes because it is a very serious natural disaster that can strike at any moment in time without giving any signs at all. In this module, we will study more about this hazard in detail. We will be using the term ‘seismic hazard’ when referring to earthquakes and the effects … Read more

Plate Tectonics

For you to understand what plate tectonics are all about, we will tackle it in a more detailed manner and elaborate on their purpose on our planet. Here is an outline of what you will learn from this module: The meaning of plate tectonics and what their role on our planet. The various kinds of … Read more