OCR A-Level Geography – Resources Mapping

OCR A-level Geography mapping file. Download our comprehensive teaching resources and revision toolkit today. Use the mapping table to align with the OCR examination board. Updated and aligned to the latest version 2020 specifications.

OCR SpecificationResourceAdditional Content
Component 11.1 Physical Landscapes
Option A: Coastal LandscapesCoastal Environments
Climate Change
Option B: Glaciated LandscapesGlacial Environments
Climate Change
Option C: Dry LandscapesHot Deserts
Climate Change
1.2 Earth’s Life Support SystemWater Cycle
Natural Resources
Component 2Human Interactions
2.1 Changing Spaces; Making PlacesUrbanisation
Diverse Places
Option A: Trade in the Contemporary WorldGlobalisation
Nation States
Option B: Global MigrationGlobalisation
Option C: Human RightsHuman Rights
Option D: Power and BordersGlobalisation
Nation States
Component 3Geographical Debates
3.1 Climate ChangeClimate Change
Weather Hazards
Weather Systems
3.2 Disease DilemmasHuman Health
Human Rights
3.3 Exploring OceansOceans
Climate Change
3.4 Future of FoodFood Management
Climate Change
Weather Hazards
3.5 Hazardous EarthNatural Hazards