Human Settlements: Types and Patterns

We all live in clumps of houses. You may call it a village, a city or a town; all are patterns of human settlements. The study of human settlements is essential to human geography because the form of settlement in any particular region reflects a human relationship with the environment. A human settlement is defined … Read more

Human Settlements: Urban

Urban Settlements Fast urban growth is a modern phenomenon. Until modern times, few settlements entered the population size of more than a few thousand residents. The first urban settlement to arrive at a population of one million was the London city by about. A.D. 1810 By 1982 nearly 175 cities in the world had crossed … Read more

Types of Urban Settlements

Depending on services available, size and functions rendered, urban centres are assigned as a town, city, million cities, conurbation, metropolis. Town The notion of ‘town’ can best be explained by relating it to ‘village’. Population size is not the only measure. Functional differences between villages and towns may not always be clearcut, but distinct functions … Read more

Cities in the UK

Most of the cities that can be found in the UK are incredibly unique. This is because they are located where they are for a geography-related reason. For your geography examination, you will need to be able to spot why cities are located where they are and how the people benefit from that. Our Cities … Read more


What is Deforestation? Cutting of trees on a large scale from a forest is called deforestation. Deforestation is a massive threat to our tropical rainforests, and it affects them on a vast scale. It involves the removal of trees, but the current rate of deforestation is ridiculously high, and it is starting to command more … Read more