Primary Industry

Primary industries within the geographical context relate to the extraction of raw materials from the sea or land. Some examples relate to fishing, forestry, agriculture, mining or oil. The extraction of these core materials plays a key role to reach overall sustainability. It also ensures the survival of humankind through the use of these different … Read more

Quaternary Industry

The Quaternary Industry plays a significant role to develop a country’s knowledge and scientific base. This industry similar to the Tertiary Industry focuses on services and intangible aspects of the economy. The difference between the two relates to the specialised component noticed in the Quaternary Industry. For example, this industry provides access to scientists, researchers … Read more

Coastal Deposition

Coastal deposition forms part of the coastal processes by delivering the collected material at a specific point. The process of collection and depositing at another space presents a complex system. Different facets influence the manner coastal deposition happens. These aspects include the manner waves fight against gravity and the use of friction to transport material. … Read more

Coastal Erosion

One of the key components of the coastal processes refers to coastal erosion. Coastal erosion drastically allows for the removal of material at our beach areas. The material includes different rocks, particles or limestones, for example. These molecules or sediment picked-up by the ocean experience transportation to other coastal areas. The key challenge we face … Read more

Coastal Transportation

Coastal transport forms part of the coastal processes approach. These coastal processes aim to build-up or break down the coastal zones. Subsequently, with the constant movement of waves, diverse materials become transported alongside significant distances. These distances can include thousands of kilometres. The movement of the different materials forms part of a balancing effect. The … Read more