Ecosystems GCSE Geography Resources & Revision Materials

The resources in this Ecosystems module will teach you about deciduous forests, coral reefs, hot deserts and more.

GCSE Geography Ecosystems Topics

We have put together a full GCSE Geography curriculum that will give you all the teaching materials you need to teach any topic.

This module provides a strong base for your students’ geography knowledge and allows you to teach the basic concepts of geography. Including:

  • Deciduous Forests
  • Coral Reefs
  • Hot Deserts
  • Understanding Ecosystems
  • Tropical Rainforests
  • Polar Environments
  • The Taiga
  • Grasslands

What’s included?

We’ve created multiple modules covering every Geography topic needed for GCSE, and each module contains:

  • An editable PowerPoint lesson presentation
  • Editable revision handouts
  • A glossary which covers the key terminologies of the module
  • Topic mindmaps for visualising the key concepts
  • Printable flashcards to help students engage active recall and confidence-based repetition
  • A quiz with accompanying answer key to test knowledge and understanding of the module

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