Desert Features Created By Water

Some deserts around the world lack rainfall entirely or lack water. The annual rainfall can be small of about 5 to 10 inches and is quite inconsistent. In some areas, torrential rains also occur which leads to destructive effects in the desert. Rainstorm can accompany several inches of rainfall within a few hours. This leads … Read more

Human life within deserts

Deserts are quite inhospitable but still has been inhabited by different groups. The environment of the desert offers an extreme environment for them. The lack of water, food and other basic means of living are not easily accessible. Still, some civilizations have attained quite high living standards, like that of Egypt and some are going … Read more

Hot Deserts

First have a look at one of the most famous hot deserts around the world. Great Basin Desert Peruvian Desert Atacama Desert Patagonian Desert Sahara Desert Arabian Desert Turkestan Desert Great Indian Desert Gobi Desert Kalahari and Namib Desert Note – If you notice carefully, major hot deserts having extremely high temperatures are found near … Read more