Structure of Ecosystems

What is the structure of an Ecosystem? A living being is consistently in the condition of ideal offset with the earth. The environment indeed implies the surroundings.  Nature alludes to the things and conditions around the creatures which straightforwardly or in a roundabout way impact the life and advancement of the life forms and their … Read more

Intertropical Convergence Zone

Between Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ): Causes and Impact  The ITCZ (Intertropical Convergence Zone) assumes a significant job in the global dissemination framework and known as the Intertropical Front or Equatorial Convergence Zone. It is a fundamentally low weight belt surrounding Earth close to the Equator. Moreover, it is a zone of convergence where the exchange … Read more

World Population Growth

What is World Population Growth? Geographers study where and why individuals live in specific areas. Neither individuals nor assets are appropriated consistently across Earth. Concerning population growth, geographers accentuate three components: the population size, the pace of increment of world population, the inconsistent appropriation of population growth. Geographers try to clarify why these examples exist.  … Read more

Water Security

Water is a prerequisite for the survival, growth, and development of all living things, and the environment that they live in. It is a vital resource for drinking, sanitation, and food production; and an essential resource for agriculture (irrigation), transportation heat, and energy-generation. Simply put, water is the cornerstone of life.  However, water is also … Read more

Resources Security

What is the meaning of Resource Security? The meaning of resource security relates to the ability of humankind to guarantee the availability of natural resources for all people. Because of population increases, economic growth, and people becoming older than before, resources experience constant pressure. As a result of increased dependence on natural resources, people become … Read more

Resource Futures

What is the meaning and role of Resource Futures? The future availability of resources becomes important in a global pressurized environment. Our resources experience constant threats of extinctions and therefore we need to plan our resource futures. Some key elements relate to planet earth include water, air, land/soil, biodiversity for example plant or animal life, … Read more

Natural Resources

What is the meaning of Natural Resources? Natural resources comprise diverse characteristics inclusive of water, land, animals, ecosystems, plants or minerals. We need these resources to ensure humankind survives but also to support our global or local economies. Each country consists of natural resources management plans that permit them to protect these environmental landscapes we … Read more

Mineral Security

What is the meaning of Mineral Security? Mineral security refers to adequate availability of quality and affordable mineral resources despite critical situations such as fierce competition in the international market, hurdles in the importation of mineral resources from mineral-rich nations, and poor economy.  The mining industries around the world have grappled with numerous challenges along … Read more

Energy Security

What is the meaning of Energy Security? The meaning of “energy security” refers to the capacity of a country for ensuring an adequate, affordable, and continuous supply of energy for consistent and uninterrupted use of energy by domestic users, and military as well as industrial purposes. Energy security further relates to present and future requirements … Read more