Weather Hazards

Download the Introduction to Weather Hazards Module

This module contains:

  •  An editable PowerPoint lesson presentation
  • Editable revision handouts
  • A glossary that covers the key terminologies of the module
  • Topic mindmaps for visualising the key concepts
  • Printable flashcards to help students engage active recall
  • A quiz with an answer key to test knowledge and understanding of the module

Weather Hazards: Introduction

Weather hazards are any naturally occurring weather conditions that have the potential to cause harm or damage to individuals and the environment. Most of these hazards are related to atmospheric conditions that can be monitored and forecast. Atmospheric processes and energy exchanges are linked to these weather hazards.

This ​A-Level Weather Hazards module will enable students to:

  • Define and describe weather hazards
  • Explain how pressure systems contribute to the formation of weather hazards
  • Describe the types of weather hazards and their examples
  • Explain why some hazards are more long-term than others
  • Determine and enumerate ways of managing extreme weather hazards
  • Apply these concepts in a case study of Hurricane Katrina

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