Landforms of Glaciation

Landforms of Highland Glaciation Erosional features in the highlands are generally formed by glaciation while in the low lands glaciation is associated with the depositional features. However, the process of deposition and erosion are not mutually exclusive because the glacier plays combined role erosion, transportation and deposition throughout its course. The erosion of the valley … Read more

Mountain Landscapes

A mountain is a type of land that has risen above the surrounding territory in a limited area. Mountains are formed of rocks and soil. The height of the mountains ranges from 600 m to more than 8000 m. If the height of the raised land is less than 600 m, then these are called … Read more

Glacial Landforms

There are seven main glacial landforms that you should know about. They include: 1. Truncated Spurs A long time ago, glaciers will have had to move from one area to another. While they were moving, they will have cut off different areas of land. We can see evidence of this when walking through valleys. Have … Read more

Energy, Ecology and Environment

Cold environments can be challenging but they also have several developmental scopes that can help increasing the income and overall economic condition of the country. Below the ice can be found the immense treasure in the form of minerals and energy. Energy There is abundance of fossil fuels such as oil and gas hidden below … Read more

Tundra (Polar Environments)

Animals in Tundra and Polar Regions When we take a look at ecosystems around the world, ecosystems that exist among colder climates are unique. They are less diverse, but we can see an array of different mammals and marine mammals. When we look at the tundra, we can also see everything from reindeer and wolves … Read more

The Global Distribution of Resources

Everything accessible in our environment which can be used to fulfill our needs, provided, it is within the access to technology, reasonably economical and culturally acceptable is term as a ‘Resource.’ Human being uses the resources available in nature with the help of technology and create institutions to develop economically. Resources can be categorized as … Read more