Coniferous Forests

Characteristics and Climate The angles between the 50° and 60° N of the equator is the region where coniferous forests are found. These forests are known as evergreen coniferous forests that consist of trees equipped with needles like leaves. These are also known as Taiga forests. The most common trees found in this region are … Read more

Structure of the Ecosystem

The community of living beings and the physical environment combine and work together to form a functional and structural unit of the biosphere. Both physical and living beings interact with each other and exchange materials. The ecosystem is a composite set of relations between the living and non-living aspects of nature. It includes plants, micro-organisms, … Read more

Managing Tropical Rainforests

Protecting Tropical Rainforests Tropical rainforests need our protection. They are wonderful places and they feature levels of biodiversity that are almost impossible to imagine. Can you imagine a world without that level of biodiversity? A lot of the products that we use on a daily basis come from the rainforest. These include chocolate, different medicinal … Read more

Tropical Rainforests

We know that earth is divided into longitudes and latitudes. Accordingly the Earth has different climatic zones resulting in different kinds of biomes and forests around the world. Tropical rainforests lie near the equator. To understand properly you need to look at the illustration given below: NOTE – The UK lies mostly in temperate zone … Read more