AQA A-Level Geography – Resources Mapping

AQA A-level Geography mapping file. Download our comprehensive teaching resources and revision toolkit today. Use the mapping table to align with the AQA examination board. Updated and aligned to the latest version 2019 specification.

AQA SpecificationResourceAdditional Content
3.1Physical Geography
3.1.1 Water and Carbon CyclesWater Cycle
Water Management
3.1.2 Hot Desert System and LandscapesHot Deserts
3.1.3 Coastal System and LandscapesCoastal Environments
3.1.4 Glacial System and LandscapesGlacial Environments
3.1.5 HazardsNatural Hazards
Weather Hazards
3.1.6 Ecosystems Under StressBiodiversity
Natural Resources
3.2Human Geography
3.2.1 Global Systems and Global GovernanceGlobalisation
3.2.2 Changing PlacesDiverse Places
3.2.3 Contemporary Urban EnvironmentsUrbanisation
3.2.4 Population and the EnvironmentPopulations
Resource Management
3.2.5 Resource SecurityResource Management