Edexcel A-Level Geography – Resources Mapping

Edexcel A-level Geography mapping file. Download our comprehensive teaching resources and revision toolkit today. Use the mapping table to align with the Edexcel examination board. Updated and aligned to the latest version 2020 specifications.

Edexcel SpecificationResourceAdditional Content
Topic 1Tectonic Processes and HazardsNatural Hazards
Tectonic Hazards
Volcanic Hazards
Topic 2Landscape Systems, Processes, and Change
Option 2A: Glaciated Landscapes and ChangeGlacial Environments
Option 2B: Coastal Landscapes and ChangeCoastal Environments
Topic 3GlobalisationGlobalisation
Topic 4Shaping Places
Option 4A: Regenerating PlacesUrbanisation
Diverse Places
Option 4B: Diverse PlacesPopulations
Diverse Places
Cultural Diversity
Topic 5The Water Cycle and Water InsecurityWater Cycle
Water Management
Topic 6The Carbon Cycle and Energy SecurityEnergy Management
Topic 7SuperpowersSuperpowers
Topic 8Global Development and Connections
Option 8A: Health, Human Rights, and InterventionGlobalisation
Diverse Places
Human Rights
Option 8B: Migration, Identity, and SovereigntyNation States