Urban Environment

Housing In an MEDC like the United Kingdom the local authorities have a duty to house homeless people who are in need, such as families with children, pregnant women, people of old age and disabled people. The ‘typical’ homeless person in MEDC is a 35 year old male with little, or no academic qualifications. This … Read more

Rainforest Sustainability

Tropical Rainforests around the world are under threat from multiple causes. The Amazon, Congo and Indonesian rainforests are all examples of rainforests under threat to some degree. The problems include deforestation, agriculture and mining, all causing changes to their environment and are ultimately unsustainable. Probably the best way the tropical rainforests can be protected is … Read more

Water Supply

The Colorado River Key: 1) The Hoover Dam 2) Lake Mead 3) City:Phoenix 5) City:San Diego 6) Lake Powell The Colorado river and the all-american canal in the South-West of the USA is an excellent example of a water resource being managed. California, a neigbouring state to Arizona and Nevada, has a very high demand … Read more

Food Supply

There is enough food grown in the world to feed the entire population the problem is that not everyone has equal access to this food. Basic Population When a country has very little resources relative to its high population size then the standard of living in that country decreses, this is called overpopulation. Equally if … Read more