CIE A-Level Geography – Resources Mapping

CIE A-level Geography mapping file. Download our comprehensive teaching resources and revision toolkit today. Use the mapping table to align with the CIE examination board. Updated and aligned to the latest version 2020 specifications.

CIE SpecificationResourceAdditional Content
Paper 1Core Physical Geography
1. Hydrology and Fluvial GeomorphologyFluvial Environments
2. Atmosphere and WeatherWeather Systems
Climate Change
3. Rocks and WeatheringTectonic Hazards
Mass Movement
Paper 2Core Human Geography
4. PopulationsPopulations
5. MigrationGlobalisation
6. Settlement DynamicsUrbanisation
Paper 3Advanced Physical Geography Options
7. Tropical EnvironmentsTropical Environments
8. Coastal EnvironmentsCoastal Environments
9. Hazardous EnvironmentsNatural Hazards
10. Hot Arid and Semi-arid EnvironmentsHot Deserts
Paper 4Advanced Human Geography Options
11. Production, Location, and ChangeNatural Resources
Food Management
12. Environmental ManagementNatural Resources
13. Global InterdependenceGlobalisation
14. Economic TransitionResource Management
Nation States