Weather Measurement

Weather explains the day to day situation of the atmosphere. It can be hot, sunny, rainy, windy, cloudy or snowy. The climate, on the other hand, means the average of the weather in a particular region based on the average weather for over thirty years or more. Factors that are taken into account while observing … Read more

Anticyclones and Depressions

To understand the concept of depressions and anticyclones, we need to understand the terms atmospheric pressure, high pressure and low pressure. We all know that air exerts pressure and atmospheric pressure is nothing but the force exerted by the air on the earth. To understand properly, look at the diagram given below. Pressure is highest … Read more

Assessing Climate Change

Climate change is a topic that we like to discuss and a topic that we regularly see being discussed on different forms of media. During your geography examination, you will more than likely be asked several different questions about climate change. The Evidence When we talk about climate change, we are not simply referring to … Read more

The Effects of Climate Change

Climate is the mean of a region’s weather conditions. The Earth’s climate is not stable. Over the billions of years, it has changed many times in response to natural factors like sun-spot, glaciations, and ice-age. Climate change is a shift of climate which is associated directly or indirectly to human actions that alter the structure … Read more

Tropical Storms

Tropical storms that originate above oceans in tropical areas and move toward the coastal areas brings about large scale destruction because it is accompanied with violent winds and heavy rainfall. This is one of the most destructive natural calamities. They are known as Cyclones in Indian Ocean, typhoons in the Western Pacific, Hurricane in Atlantic,and … Read more

Weather in the UK

Depressions and anticyclones are the two different pressure systems in the UK that affects the weather. Depressions An area of low atmospheric pressure forms the condition of depression. The rising air in the low pressure area forms clouds and lead to rainfall. Depression usually move towards east in the UK and bring changes in the … Read more

Seasonal Variation

Seasons on the Earth surface are the result of yearly revolutions of the Earth around the Sun in combination with the tiltiture of the Earth creating differences in heat distribution. During summer in the northen hemisphere the weather it at its warmest because the Sun is directly overhead at the tropic of cancer. Whereas in … Read more

Atmospheric Circulation

The Earth and its atmosphere are both controlled primarily by the Sun and they make up an interconnected global system. Different climatic areas are the result of atmospheric movements (see the tricellular model below) within this global system. The cause of these atmospheric movements is the difference in temperature between equatorial regions and polar regions, … Read more