Human Impacts on Cold Environments

As populations increase, our environments face increasing stress in handling the greater quantity of people. For this reason, we have to become ever more conscientious about our environment. Unfortunately, our responsibility to our environment has been forgotten by the majority of us. This is especially a problem in colder environments that experience the greatest impact. … Read more

Glaciers as Natural Systems

In this module, we are going to learn the definition of a glacier and what role they have in our environment. This will familiarize you with glaciers which usually can be found in extremely cold countries or climates. The following are the key points that we will be learning in this module: What are glaciers … Read more

Glaciated Landscape Development

We have already learned that glaciers have different forms and shapes. Their landscapes are considerably different from normal soil and they are made of ice and snow, but their processes are almost the same. In this module, we will look deeper into these landscapes for a fuller understanding. These are the points that we will … Read more

Fires in Nature

In this module, we will talk about wildfires, which are a threat to our surroundings. It is very important for you to learn about fires in nature so you become aware, especially if a situation like this happens in your area. This will allow you to know the actions that you must follow. Here are … Read more

Ecosystems and Sustainability

We all know that our ecosystem is comprised of living and nonliving organisms and that how these organisms sustain each other is an exciting process. For you to fully understand the sustainability of ecosystems, we will tackle the following topics in this module: The principles of ecosystem sustainability. The different attributes of the basis of … Read more

Ecosystems and Processes

We all know ecosystems play a very important role in the everyday lives of organisms on planet Earth. Because of this, it is crucial to know the different processes that happen inside ecosystems. Here is the overview of this module: You will get to know the different ecological processes. The significance of these ecological processes … Read more

Global Biomes

In this module, we will tackle biomes (sometimes called habitats). The main goal is for you to fully understand biomes because they are a very important feature that comprises our planet. Here are the topics that we will cover this module: The definition of biomes and how they are a significant part of our geography. … Read more

Deserts as natural systems

In this module, we will discuss deserts as parts of our natural systems. We can find this landform on every inhabited continent. Deserts are regions with temperature that, usually, are very hot, often filled with sand and rocks, and where water is scarce. Here is an overview of what we will learn in this module: … Read more


In this module, you will gain a deeper understanding of the process of desertification, a very critical process that is quite harmful to our world. In order to avoid it, we must first know the meaning of desertification and what causes it to occur. Here are the key points that you will learn from this … Read more