In reality, one may see the wave-like water disturbance because of the energy levels carried in the body. The energy existing in the water creates the ability to transform the water shapes into ripples, for example. Waves consist of different physical attributes and stay vulnerable to occurrences of different weather patterns.  Waves comprise different characters … Read more

Environmental impacts of economic development

Environmental threats that come with the increasing economic activities are: Food production Leeching – As the production of fertilizers rises due to increased demand for agricultural products, the leeching of nutrients occurs. Leeching is the loss of water from water-soluble plant nutrients from the soil, due to rain and irrigation. Soil composition, structure, crop planting, … Read more

Landforms of Glaciation

Landforms of Highland Glaciation Erosional features in the highlands are generally formed by glaciation while in the low lands glaciation is associated with the depositional features. However, the process of deposition and erosion are not mutually exclusive because the glacier plays combined role erosion, transportation and deposition throughout its course. The erosion of the valley … Read more