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Urban Issues: Urban Challenges in UK

82 percent of the total population in the UK are living in urban areas. There is an uneven distribution of the UK urban population. Densely populated areas are typically located in the southeastern part of the UK, while in some areas, it is sparsely populated. An example of this is Northern Scotland.
Major cities in the UK are found in flat, low-lying, and densely populated areas, which are near rivers or coastal areas.

This ​GCSE ​Urban Issues module introduces urban challenges in UK to your students, explaining:

  • ​How is the population of the UK and the location of its major cities distributed?
  • What factors affect degrees of urbanisation in UK city regions?
  • How has urban growth and change brought opportunities and challenges to Birmingham?
  • What are the urban sustainability initiatives exercised in London?
  • What are the key population characteristics of London?
  • What caused the industrialisation of London? How did it impact the city?

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