Climate Change GCSE Geography Resources & Revision Materials

Download the GCSE Geography Natural Hazards: Climate Change Resources module

This module contains:

  •  An editable PowerPoint lesson presentation
  • Editable revision handouts
  • A glossary which covers the key terminologies of the module
  • Topic mindmaps for visualising the key concepts
  • Printable flashcards to help students engage active recall
  • A quiz with answer key to test knowledge and understanding of the module

Natural Hazards: Climate Change

Climate change is the global phenomenon of climate transformation. It is characterised by the changes in the usual climate of the planet. These are caused by greenhouse gases emissions.
NASA’s definition of climate change says it is “a broad range of global phenomena created predominantly by burning fossil fuels, which add heat-trapping gases to Earth’s atmosphere.

This ​GCSE ​Natural Hazards module introduces climate change to your students, explaining:

  • ​What is climate change?
  • What are the factors causing climate change?
  • Are the effects of climate change observable and evident?
  • How has the climate changed over the past thousand years?
  • How has climate change affected the lives of people?

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