Global Systems

In geography it is very common to interrelate everything that happens in our planet earth (even with the universe), from something natural as the formation of a typhoon to human situations like migration, because that’s how we can understand a system. All that we know is the outcome of interconnected systems and therefore processes that … Read more


Nowadays It is very common to hear the word ‘Globalisation’, especially when people talk about technology and how easy is to communicate from anywhere around the world through social media. The truth is that there is more beyond the surface of this concept. What is it then? Have you ever thought of all the processes … Read more

Global commons

Have you ever thought about those parts of the world that doesn’t belong to any nation? If you have, you might know that these are known as the global commons. The High seas, the Atmosphere, Outer space and Antarctica are the four supra-national spaces that all nations have access. Imagine that everyone can use or … Read more