Coniferous Forests

Characteristics and Climate The angles between the 50° and 60° N of the equator is the region where coniferous forests are found. These forests are known as evergreen coniferous forests that consist of trees equipped with needles like leaves. These are also known as Taiga forests. The most common trees found in this region are … Read more

Structure of the Ecosystem

The community of living beings and the physical environment combine and work together to form a functional and structural unit of the biosphere. Both physical and living beings interact with each other and exchange materials. The ecosystem is a composite set of relations between the living and non-living aspects of nature. It includes plants, micro-organisms, … Read more

Desert Features Created By Water

Some deserts around the world lack rainfall entirely or lack water. The annual rainfall can be small of about 5 to 10 inches and is quite inconsistent. In some areas, torrential rains also occur which leads to destructive effects in the desert. Rainstorm can accompany several inches of rainfall within a few hours. This leads … Read more

Human life within deserts

Deserts are quite inhospitable but still has been inhabited by different groups. The environment of the desert offers an extreme environment for them. The lack of water, food and other basic means of living are not easily accessible. Still, some civilizations have attained quite high living standards, like that of Egypt and some are going … Read more

Mountain Landscapes

A mountain is a type of land that has risen above the surrounding territory in a limited area. Mountains are formed of rocks and soil. The height of the mountains ranges from 600 m to more than 8000 m. If the height of the raised land is less than 600 m, then these are called … Read more

Anticyclones and Depressions

To understand the concept of depressions and anticyclones, we need to understand the terms atmospheric pressure, high pressure and low pressure. We all know that air exerts pressure and atmospheric pressure is nothing but the force exerted by the air on the earth. To understand properly, look at the diagram given below. Pressure is highest … Read more

Assessing Climate Change

Climate change is a topic that we like to discuss and a topic that we regularly see being discussed on different forms of media. During your geography examination, you will more than likely be asked several different questions about climate change. The Evidence When we talk about climate change, we are not simply referring to … Read more

Cities in the UK

Most of the cities that can be found in the UK are incredibly unique. This is because they are located where they are for a geography-related reason. For your geography examination, you will need to be able to spot why cities are located where they are and how the people benefit from that. Our Cities … Read more