What is Deforestation? Cutting of trees on a large scale from a forest is called deforestation. Deforestation is a massive threat to our tropical rainforests, and it affects them on a vast scale. It involves the removal of trees, but the current rate of deforestation is ridiculously high, and it is starting to command more … Read more

Glacial Landforms

There are seven main glacial landforms that you should know about. They include: 1. Truncated Spurs A long time ago, glaciers will have had to move from one area to another. While they were moving, they will have cut off different areas of land. We can see evidence of this when walking through valleys. Have … Read more

Energy, Ecology and Environment

Cold environments can be challenging but they also have several developmental scopes that can help increasing the income and overall economic condition of the country. Below the ice can be found the immense treasure in the form of minerals and energy. Energy There is abundance of fossil fuels such as oil and gas hidden below … Read more

Changes in Agriculture

Change in agriculture is not something that we refer to differences in 100 years ago and today’s modernized techniques. Agriculture is dynamic process. It  is changing everyday. The changes could be in the form of small decisions by a farmers to where, how and when to cultivate the next crop. The change is happening all … Read more

Formation of Coastal Landforms

The waves are one of the most powerful forces involved in the change of coastal areas. These waves are brought about by winds blowing over the surface of the water. Waves are produced by the friction created by the wind. This friction produces a swell in the water. The wind energy makes the particles of … Read more

Landscapes Surrounding Coastal Regions

There are two types of landforms that are formed by different geographical processes. Erosional Landform Depositional Landform Erosional Landforms The erosional process due to the waves of the sea forms erosional landforms along the coastline. What is Coastal erosion? The vanishing of coastal areas due to natural factors like wind or waves is called coastal … Read more

Farming & Its Distribution

The World Census of Agriculture declared that there are 570 million farms all over the world. Out of which 500 million farms come under family farms. More than 90 percent of these farms are less than 2 hectares in size. 69% percent of the land in the United Kingdom is for farming. About 476,000 people … Read more

Factors Affecting Agriculture

Farming is the practice of keeping animals and growing crops for raw materials and food. It is an important aspect of agriculture. Started centuries ago, agriculture is as old mankind, but nobody knows its exact age. Farming in the early century gave rise to the Neolithic Revolution. It was an era when people stopped nomadic … Read more

Three Types of Farming

Based on what are you growing on your farm, farming is categorised into three types: Arable Farming – Arable farming means that only crops are grown on a farm and then used or sold by farmer according to his needs. The arable farming needs slightly sloping land, fertile soil with balanced moisture i.e not too … Read more

Managing Tropical Rainforests

Protecting Tropical Rainforests Tropical rainforests need our protection. They are wonderful places and they feature levels of biodiversity that are almost impossible to imagine. Can you imagine a world without that level of biodiversity? A lot of the products that we use on a daily basis come from the rainforest. These include chocolate, different medicinal … Read more