In this module, you will gain a deeper understanding of the process of desertification, a very critical process that is quite harmful to our world. In order to avoid it, we must first know the meaning of desertification and what causes it to occur. Here are the key points that you will learn from this … Read more

Coastal Management

Coastal management is a very important topic because right now there is massive destruction of the coastal areas all over the world, primarily due to human actions and climate change. In this module, we will tackle topics with the focus of preventing and reversing those effects. Here are the following topics that we will discuss … Read more

Carbon cycle

Carbon cycles play a significant role in our everyday life. In this module, our main objective is for students to fully understand the process of carbon cycles. Here is a brief summary of what you will learn in this module: The two carbon cycle elements and which of them is primarily responsible for the fuels … Read more